Saturday, December 15, 2007

Slow Holidays with SF Member Patrice Powers-Barker

Here is the photo of some of the produce I used for the recipes for frozen dishes as a Christmas gift for my parents and my sister. The main reason I took the photo was to show that Hubbard squash! Here were the recipes that freeze well. 11 out of 14 include some local foods. All of the peppers and basil were from our garden. All of the root veggies, apples & cider and fresh spinach came from the Toledo Farmers' Market ... veggie quiche in a bag, cheesy smashed potatoes with crab, nut balls (vegetarian "meat" balls), baked pasta with veggies, cabbage roll casserole, sweet potatoes with pineapple & cranberry, spinach & chick pea casserole, 2 different bean dips, squash soup & split pea soup, muffins (including apple), pesto and 1/2 gal cider. Mmmm - I can't wait to share it with them! :)


rliebes said...

These sound great! where do you get the recipes? Thanks,

Patrice said...

The recipes are from all over - some from different state Extension offices, local library books (look up once-a-month cooking or freezer cooking)and recommendations from friends. I always keep my eye open for healthy, easy recipes.