Sunday, February 7, 2016

Everybody deserves to eat good food.

At Slow Food, we believe that good, clean, and fair food should be accessible to all.  And we can help make that happen. 

Each year, a few of our members combine efforts to make and serve dinner at St. Paul's Community Center This year, the date is March 31st and the menu is pasta, salad, bread, cookies and ice cream.  Here's a message from Mary Weiss, event organizer:

March 31st is when we will make and serve supper at St. Paul's. If helping serve, please be there by 5:00.

This is what is needed:
Pasta dishes to serve 12  (4)*
Salads to serve 12  (3)
Cookies 3 dozen (2)
Ice cream 3 half gallons, different flavors (1-3)

* number of people needed to bring each food

Please let me know if you are able to cook and/or serve.
Thank you,
Mary Weiss