Saturday, December 15, 2007

Eat It To Save It

Fuji and Yataka. Pink Lady and Arkansas Black. Honeycrisp and Criterion. No, they're not names from some fanciful adventure story, they're apples! And they're all available from Witt's Orchard at the Toledo Farmers Winter Market every Saturday morning.

By supporting local growers who offer products not on the supermarket short list, we can help slow the rate at which heritage fruits and vegetables are disappearing. That's what Slow Food's Ark of Taste is about. Check out the
list of apples that have made it on to the SF Ark .


lentil said...

We picked up a couple of each sort at the Farmers Market last weekend, cored and baked for Christmas day. Yummm.

poppy said...

My great grandmother would tell me to "Eat It To Save It' when she wanted me to clean my plate. I'm thrilled to see Slow Food friends using this phrase to describe the valuable work we are all involved in together.
Poppy Tooker
Eat It To Save It, LLC