Sunday, June 29, 2008

Local Cheese!

Along with fabulous herbs, fruits, and vegetables, the Toledo Farmers Market now offers aged raw milk cheeses from Canal Junction Farmstead Master Cheesemaker Brian Schlatter, who says "We are an on-farm cheese maker, where we use all of the milk that we produce. We make all raw milk cheeses from our own milk. " Varieties include Miami Erie Canal Swiss, Ravine Colby, Black Swamp Gouda and, last Saturday, a great wheel of shiraz-soaked jack.

Eat It To Save It, as Poppy Tooker would say

The first of the homegrown cherries made their appearance at the Toledo Farmers Market on Saturday. They're worth waiting for and worth looking for. Mine came from Witt's Orchards, and they will be available on Saturday mornings as they ripen.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

June Slow Supper Details

As of this writing, perfect weather is predicted for Monday, June 16th, when SFMV will celebrate its first anniversary with a potluck Slow Supper at Hoen's Greenhouse, 1710 Perrysburg-Holland Rd. in Holland.

As regular attendees know, with no rules other than bring something that is good, clean, and fair, somehow SFMV potlucks have always resulted in feasts. Since the season has brought early-season harvests to our gardens and farmers markets, I'm sure that this dinner will be no exception.

Please reply here: if you would like to attend. Here are the details:

Slow Supper
Monday June 16th
6:30 PM - about 9 PM
Hoen's Greenhouse
1710 Perrysburg Holland Road

Provided: place settings, cold drinks;, and strawberries

You bring: dish to share w/ serving utensils (ready to serve - no re-heating), and wine if you want it

Cost: Members $5, Guests $10

Here's an optional suggestion: The new is full of stories about the threat to our food supply posed by the collapse of honeybee colonies and, more recently, bats. This month includes National Pollinator's Week. You may want to do some research (examples here) into what pollinators were required for the ingredients in your dish.

Another perspective on slow...

We've all thought about Slow Food's emphasis on food that is good, clean, and fair. Thanks to Kirk Mizerek for sharing this story about another aspect of the movement...