Sunday, May 6, 2012

SFMV Spring Event: Eggceptional!

Thanks to Pam Weirauch of Pam's Corner for hosting SFMV's Spring Eggceptional Event! Attendees enjoyed quiche and frittata from local eggs, a salad from local greens, and fabulous bread from Amelia Contreras of Egg & Honey. Thanks also to our speakers, Debra Boardley and Liz Bergman.
Are local eggs healthier? Boardley, from UT's Public Health Dept, says knowing how your eggs are produced can reduce risk of contamination. She also urges eaters to enjoy the yolk, the source of most of the egg's nutrients.
What makes eggs from pastured hens so yellow? That's one of the questions Liz Bergman addressed at SFMV's Eggceptional Event. Bergman, of Sage Organics, provided info from the point of view of the farmer and some insights from her past role as a history student.
As with all the best Slow Food events, a little education, some convivial conversation, and great food was a winning combination.

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