Monday, April 28, 2008

Last Call - Spring Slow Supper

Bill Kolhoff has been cooking for Toledoans for more than forty years, and on Thursday May 1st he will be cooking for us!
Thursday's Spring Slow Supper will include varied preparations of a range of seasonal ingredients including whole walleye, pork strudels, wild rice salad, spring greens, fiddleheads, and mushrooms, all depending on their local availability. Dinner is $15 per person for Slow Food members and $20 per person for friends. Selected wines will be available for purchase by the glass. Bottles will be available with a modest corkage fee.
There will be plenty of seating, and the meal will be served grazing-style, so that we can mingle and be appropriately convivial. Bill will talk with us about his inspirations for local, ingredient-driven cooking. Others are encouraged to bring any books or other sources of inspiration you would like to share.
If you've already reserved, see you on Thursday! For those who have not yet responded, please e-mail me at or call me at 419.536.0807.

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