Monday, October 22, 2007

Smelling and Slurping

Eight Slow Fooders were members of the first-ever coffee class at Flying Rhino on Sunday October 21st. After a delicious brunch, SFMV members and Flying Rhino owners Ralph and Gini Behrendt talked about the history of coffee, demonstrated a range of roasting methods, and "cupped" a selection of coffees for us to taste.

With varying success, we learned to smell the changes in the roasting beans and slurp to aerate the coffee and maximize its contact with our taste buds. Just like wine tasters, we used spit cups and rinsing glasses to allow us to taste the subtle differences produced by different beans and differing roasts, while avoiding more of a buzz than we bargained for.

At their 13th street location, Ralph and Gini offer coffee beans for your at-home experimentation of a selection of beans that they roast in their vintage commercial roaster (pictured above). Check out their website ( for more information about their growing local business.

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